Artist's Statement
 I grew up in Northport, Long Island. From my father, a cabinet designer, I acquired an appreciation of woodworking. My introduction to woodworking and woodturning took place in a high school shop class in 1963. I remember being intrigued by the process of woodturning. It was very different from any type of woodworking that I was familiar with because it was a subtractive process done in the round. 

I left Northport at the age of 25 for the sunny beaches of Florida where I spent the next 25 years. During the 80's, I used my knowledge of woodworking in the repair of wooden boats in a yard in Florida. Woodworking had become my profession.

In the 90's I became reacquainted with and fascinated by woodturning while attending an art show in Dunedin, Florida. My fascination for woodturning soon became a passion and I joined The Florida West Coast Woodturners, (FWCW), and The American Association of Woodturners. With the help and guidance of their members, I improved my skills and eventually became the president of FWCW. 

My interest and involvement in woodturning has continued until the present time.

The wood I use in my pieces is found locally. I use found wood, (trees that have been removed by others), as a source of my materials. The inspiration for my work comes from what nature provides to a particular species of wood. I attempt to highlight the natural features of the wood including its imperfections and peculiarities. It is often the configuration of the annual rings, the irregularities of a burls grain pattern and bark inclusions that are the true beauty of my work. My intention is to create a form which will allow natures beauty to be seen and enjoyed.